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28-29 SEPTEMBER 2021

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22 Jul 2021

Smart Revolution Security - Training Services

Smart Revolution Srl Stand: G61

Investing in the preparation of personnel deployed abroad is fundamental for preventing and mitigating security incidents, in line with the Duty of Care of sending entities. Smart Revolution Security offers scenario-based experiential security trainings to efficiently prepare personnel travelling or working in medium and high-risk countries. Companies/Organisations can either choose trainings from our catalogue or request customised security trainings. 

Currently the catalogue includes the following courses: Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT), HEAT Refresher, Business Travellers' Care and Security, Driving Techniques in Hostile Environment (urban and off-road packages). 

Customization applies to the security modules to be included in the trainings, duration, specific security procedures of the requesting company/organisation, country of work, field mission and injections for the Field Training Exercise, developed on the basis of our scenario. 

Trainings are residential and take place at unique locations in Italy, specifically in Tuscany (theoretical sessions) and Emilia-Romagna regions (practical experiential sessions). 

Just to conclude with a curiority, we reveal that the music included in the video is one of those specifically created for our original immersive scenario. 

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