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Smart Safety Platform. For real-time face, pedestrian, vehicle, and object analytics

Remark AI Smart Safety Platform(SSP) integrates to VMS System using the REST API, which provides the interfaces to collect the registered cameras on the VMS and to publish the video analytics events into VMS system as bookmarks. SSP covers a wide range of AI video analytics features:

Face recognition includeing:
facial ID matching and alert on watchlist; and similarity search;
Face attribute search: demographic attribute, mask wearing;

Pedestrian intruders, loiterers, leavers, crowds, in/out flow;
Pedestrian attribute search: demographic attire style and colour, personal protective equipment wearing attributes, and falling down behavior;

Vehicle intruder, parking, leaving, reverse direction, traffic flow;
Vehicle plate number recognition and search; ·

Abnormal unattended object:
Last contacted pedestrian/vehicle tracking.

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