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Protecting lives and assets

Rohde & Schwarz GmbH Stand: D30


► Detection of all types of potentially dangerous objects (metal, ceramic, plastic, liquid, organic)

► Outstanding body coverage; complete head, shoulder and leg illumination

► High system resolution, bandwidth and dynamic range for high detection performance and minimum false alarms

► Certified by the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC), Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and other regulatory bodies Scan results are visualized on a neutral body graphic. 


For operating companies

► Low processing time for highest throughput

► Flat and lightweight with high positioning flexibility

► No operational interruption for calibration

► Escape routes through the lanes remain open

► Low fire load

► Reliable, quiet continuous operation

► Unsusceptible to temperature fluctuations

► Low maintenance costs due to stable calibration and no moving parts

► Easy service access since panels are installed on rails

► Integration into local networks possible via R&S®QPS Server solution

► Software updates to meet future requirements

For operators

► Simple touchscreen operation

► Unobstructed view of arriving persons

► Direct access to persons before scanning

► No obstacles for wheelchair users

For scanned persons

► Open, transparent scanning environment; no booth

► Easy-to-hold body posture; not necessary to raise arm

► Extremely short scan time

► Not necessary to change position

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