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27 Jun 2024

Match day security and counter terrorism with HVM from SAFECROWDS

SafeCrowds Stand: D90

Fans love football and all the excitement of the match, and it’s part of the club’s responsibility to make sure they have a great time safely. In this video, you can see how SAFECROWDS works in partnership with football clubs and stadiums to provide an expert, integrated approach to match day security and counter terrorism, which includes:

• Threat Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (TVRA)
• Vehicle Dynamics Assessment (VDA)
• Specification, supply and installation of hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM)
• Traffic management
• Trained and experienced security teams
• Trained and experienced stewarding teams
• K9 expo, pyro and drug detection dogs
• RAPAID emergency bandages

In this video, you can see how our experienced SAFECROWDS security, traffic management, and HVM installation teams provide a complete, integrated security and counter terrorism service on a Fulham FC match day.

With our traffic management vehicles and equipment, we implement road closures in the correct locations, then we install temporary HVM equipment to separate pedestrians from traffic, protecting the areas that have been closed to vehicles from attacks and incursions.

At this deployment, we installed ARX Stopper!™. SAFECROWDS is one of just two UK distributors for this counter terrorism equipment, and we are authorised to specify, supply and install this pedestrian permeable HVM. It is important to choose an authorised company and a PSSA member when selecting an HVM provider.

ARX Stopper! is a versatile and effective HVM system. When installed correctly by our trained technicians, it is proven to stop a commercial vehicle or car travelling at 48km/hour (30mph), making this an ideal HVM system for protecting pedestrians in urban locations. 

The ARX Stopper!™ HVM system comprises single modules connected together in a protective array. Each HVM unit is covered by a casing that protects pedestrians and can also be used for branding, advertising or wayfinding. In this video, you can see we are installing the temporary HVM for a Fulham FC match day. 

If we are installing ARX Stopper! for use during the hours of darkness, we also install LED lights inside the protective casing to ensure the HVM is visible, and this also supports improved wayfinding.

This video also shows how easy it is to set the HVM units to one side to allow an emergency or authorised vehicle through. As the Tottenham Hotspur team bus needs to access the protected area, our experienced deployment team simply move the HVM to one side while the coach is driven through, before reinstating it.

The same Fulham FC deployment included the use of the Highway Care RB50 moveable HVM barrier, a versatile, rapid deployment HVM system, which is wheeled into position as a 4m array, and can be moved aside in seconds when pedestrian or vehicular access needs to be re-instated.

Our expertise helps to keep people safe while ensuring that crowds can access the ground and enjoy the match as usual. You can see here, that the HVM not only enables pedestrians to move around safely, but also works with traffic management restrictions and vehicle movements, and even enables police horses to access the protected area unhindered!


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24-25 September 2024, Olympia Events, London


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