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27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022

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03 Sep 2021

HELP: the Hostile Environment Liability Protection programme , underwritten at Lloyds of London

Pilgrims Risk Management Group Global Operations Stand: C90 SCEG

Talk with Pilgrims about excellent, discounted insurance and security services rates for hostile environments: "Click-for-Delivery”
Pilgrims RMG Global Operations link above.

Pilgrims leads on operational security risk management and associated consultancy.

Pilgrims is one of seven carefully selected and invited Associates in the HELP insurance and risk management programme. HELP provides comprehensive cover for complex operations in hostile and fragile environments, and best practice security services from the Associates. HELP is underwritten at Lloyd’s by syndicates with long experience and expertise in specialist security related operations.

HELP provides discounted insurance rates to its membership, currently over 200 companies, as well as discounted rates from the Associates. Associates are all companies with different specialities in the risk management business; they re-claim the discounts they give the member clients, from the insurers.

Visit the HELP website at: Look for Pilgrims in the associates section.

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