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27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022

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19 Jul 2021

Hardstaff Barriers - ZoneGuard Plus

Hardstaff Barriers a division of Hill & Smith


Zoneguard Plus has been developed as a rapidly deployable Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) security system that is successfully tested to both IWA 14 and CPNI Base accreditations.

The system uses the standard Zoneguard Vehicle Restraint System (VRS) as its core, with modular elements added to meet the demands of both urban and non-urban applications; these elements include anti-climb fencing, pedestrian portals, vehicular access gates, connections and transitions to the National Barrier Asset (NBA) systems, end and intermediate terminals and special units to allow for differences in both horizontal and vertical alignment.

The core system is fully tested in accordance with both European and US VRS standards (EN 1317, MASH 2016 and NCHRP 350), providing a safe, crashworthy barrier for errant motorists in addition to its HVM and CPNI Base capabilities. Anchor systems are also available for installation on varying ground conditions, ranging from shallow urban pavements to soft uneven fields.

Features 12m Length (includes joints, excludes cables) and weighs 1140kg and available with various fencing options to suit your requirements.


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