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22 Dec 2020

EAG080-30BR IWA14-1 Bridge Rail System.

The most recently tested IWA14-1 solution from Eagle Automation Systems, the EAG080-30BR IWA14-1 Bridge Rail System was impact tested at MIRA in December 2020, performing exactly as designed, deflecting the N3C vehicle away from the pedestrian walkway, achieving a test rating of IWA14-1:2013 V/7500[N3C]/48/30/0.5 & importantly, disabled the vehicle. 

Requiring only 50mm foundation depth, no rebar or pinning to a sub-structure, this unique super-shallow solution is ideal for locations with severe restrictions for foundations, such a bridges or urban environments with buried services. 

The post foundations are independent, as opposed to the traditional continuous linkage required for bollard solutions, this enables the foundation to bridge uo to 4100mm gap (such as expansion joint or service access points), whist rails also accomodate up to 150mm of lateral movement once installed. 

The lightweight, removable rails provide ease of access when required, for example maintenance purposes, whilst also supporting customisable panels of infinite Fretwork designs to allow the product to become a focal feature or blend seamlessly into the architectural surrounding. Furthermore, slimline 194mm diameter bollards can easily be covered with decorative sleeves. 

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