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27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022

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06 Sep 2021

Blast Suppression Blanket Operational Video

ASL Stand: B92

Our Blast Suppression Blankets are designed to suppress the blast fragmentation from an improvised explosive device (IED) contained in a small package.

The Blast Suppression Blankets are independently tested against 400m/s (Level 1) and 500m/s (Level 2) fragments.

The Safety Circle should be placed around the suspect item and then the Suppression Blanket is carefully placed over the Circle surrounding the device. Should the device detonate, the Safety Circle will flex and contain the device fragments.

Blast Suppression Blankets are manufactured using multiple layers of ballistic material enclosed in a heavy-duty nylon cover. These blankets are supplied with lifting straps and a bag for ease of transportation.

Protection levels:

  • Level 1: Fragment velocity 1,312 ft./sec (400 m/sec) V50 standard  1250 x 1250 – 7.2kg  (blanket, safety circle and bag).
  • Level 2: Fragment velocity 1,640 ft./sec (500 m/sec) V50 standard  1400 x 1400 – 13.8kg  (blanket, safety circle and bag).
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