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28 Jun 2021

XS4 One

  • XS4 One
  • XS4 One
  • XS4 One
XS4 One XS4 One XS4 One

With a large variety of models, XS4 electronic escutcheons blends attractive design and sophistication with strength and smart technology for
your building. Applicable to exisiting standard doors, making it simple and fast to upgrade the traditional knob set without having to replace or drill the door. All are totally wire-free and networked through SALTO Virtual Network (SVN), BLUEnet Wireless network for access control in real-time and compatible with mobile access. Compatible with most European, Scandinavian and ANSI mortise locks and tubular latches. High security protection via high resistance, hardened anti-drill plates to protect wiring and reader area. Additional protection is provided by hardened axes and
floating steel balls in the handle area.

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