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XPressEntry - HealthCheck

  • XPressEntry - HealthCheck
  • XPressEntry - HealthCheck
XPressEntry - HealthCheck XPressEntry - HealthCheck

Safety and security professionals understand the important and time-consuming work of keeping the workplace safe and productive. Now more than ever in the new COVID-19 world, XPressEntry’s new HealthCheck functionality makes it easy to screen, capture, and securely store current health status information of personnel and visitors from compatible XPressEntry handheld badge readers before entry into any workplace.

Telaeris is continuously innovating its products and this time is responding to the immediate threats of COVID-19 and future pandemics. HealthCheck enhances XPressEntry’s core handheld badge verification and emergency mustering functionality creating tremendous value for safety and security professionals. Telaeris understands the need to add medical screening to the already long list of important tasks safety and security professionals must perform to keep the workplace safe and productive.

XPressEntry HealthCheck is the Coronavirus screening solution every workplace needs. It allows admins to create custom sets of health status survey questions and/or capture of health measurements required for their specific needs. Different sets of survey questions can be deployed to different compatible XPressEntry handhelds at different entry points for added flexibility. When personnel and visitors need to enter their jobsite, safety and security professionals begin by scanning their badge and verify their identity with a compatible XPressEntry handheld device first. Then security and safety professionals are presented with the custom health status survey questions designated for the secure entry point right on the device and can capture health measurements from Bluetooth compatible health measurement devices, such as temperature and VO2- sensing devices. Responses and measurements from personnel and visitors are recorded directly into XPressEntry and securely stored on the encrypted database. In accordance with regulations, visibility of health data can be limited to those with appropriate need to know and the health data can be set to automatically be purged after a set amount of time.

  • Create a custom sets of non-medical health status survey questions – Use the XPressEntry admin console to create unlimited sets of non-medical health status survey questions to be used to capture the required for COVID-19 workplace safety protocols.
  • Deploy different sets of survey questions to different access points – Get the flexibility you need because different workplace access points may have different COVID-19 workplace safety protocols for different personnel and visitors accessing the workplace.
  • Validate personnel and visitors not exhibiting symptoms at any access point – With an often invisible safety and security threat like COVID-19, capturing non-medical health status information is a must to help keep the workplace safe.
  • Deny entry into the workplace based on health symptoms or survey responses – If there are visible health symptoms or if survey responses fall outside the desired parameters, safety and security professionals can deny access to the workplace update the access control system.
  • Capture health related data directly from Bluetooth compatible devices – With compatible Bluetooth devices, such as some forehead temperature sensors or finger VO2 meters, data may be directly captured by XPressEntry and tied to the worker record.
  • Record and securely store health status information on the XPressEntry server – All non-medical health status information captured by HealthCheck is securely stored on the XPressEntry server limiting user access to sensitive information.
  • Automate removal of data in compliance with government guidelines – The allowable length of time sensitive records can be securely stored can vary by country and by state. Admins can auto delete records at the expiration date to remain in compliance.

All of this is possible as well as much more with XPressEntry. XPressEntry compatible handheld badge readers maintain updated facility occupancy information and quickly verify personnel and visitor badge information including name, photo ID, and permissions against the existing access control database from anywhere with cellular and WiFi connectivity. It also delivers an emergency evacuation and employee mustering solution to keep continuous track of facility occupancy by monitoring the existing access control system to verify that personnel and visitors are accounted for and safely evacuated during emergency situations.

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