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15 Sep 2021


  • VRDT Eco
  • VRDT Eco
  • VRDT Eco

Vaylia’s state-of-the-art rapid deployment CCTV security tower is the ideal solution for providing maximum protection of high value assets on critical national infrastructure, transport network, building sites or any application where power and communications are unavailable.

Vaylia’s Rapid Deployment Tower (VRDT) has been developed using the latest proven technology from SharpView Ltd that solves the challenges of providing maximum security at unmanned locations. The rugged design has been certified for EU and UK road transport and there are zero carbon emissions making this the cleanest system of it’s kind in the market.

From arrival, the unit can be deployed and provide live CCTV access within a few minutes. Intelligent motion detection triggers provide instant alarm notifications and video evidence during a break-in over the 4G mobile network. Licensed SIA security personnel at our approved Alarm Receiving Centre can challenge the unwanted miscreants and take necessary further action where necessary.

The system operates continuously 24/7 all year round and eliminates the cost of manned guarding.

Vaylia’s Rapid Deployment Tower (VRDT) is fitted with multi-megapixel vandal proof cameras that use advanced video analytic algorithms to generate alarms relating to potential threats. This minimises nuisance alarms. Trained monitoring staff at the Alarm Receiving Centre can issue warnings over the horn speaker and take necessary action whilst keeping an eye on activity live on site over the 4G connection. Super high resolution 4MP video evidence stored for 30 days.

So easy to transport via tow bar or on a hiab lorry, once on location simply extend the legs for extra stability and mount the pre-configured CCTV onto the mast head. The power connection is made and the electrically operated hydraulic mast is erected with a simple turn of the switch. VRDT is the easiest to deploy system in the industry. The mast can be raised up to 9m providing an exceptional range of views.

VRDT-ECO is powered via deep discharge cyclic duty Gel batteries which are charged by BOC Hymera fuel cell with zero carbon emissions. Electrical energy is provided from the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen with water vapour as the only exhaust. There are no nasty fumes and the reaction is silent providing an excellent clean solution with minimal environmental impact. The supplied hydrogen bottles will power the system continually for over 30 days* before refuelling

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