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Videmo 360 Videmo 360 Videmo 360

Videmo360 is an AI-based software for face recognition and video analysis. It is specifically tailored to meet the needs of law enforcement and security. It can be used for fast retrospective analysis of video footage and also for live monitoring.

With the new Version 4.0, Videmo adds person and object detection into the mix.

Increasing amounts of data pose a massive challenge to investigators but, with Videmo360 watching hours of videos and streams is a thing of the past.

In-house developed, state-of-the-art algorithms enable users to detect and identify faces even when lighting conditions are poor, images are pixelated or parts of the face are covered (e.g. mask).

Just search for known identities (based on a reference photo or sightings in videos) or features (e.g. gender, age, hat, or beard). Videmo 360 then gives you a list of results, including when the person was detected and in which video or camera channel this was found. With the new version, you can also search for objects like vehicles and baggage and combinations of features. When in live mode, set up an alarm for when a person or a certain identity, is detected and review these events.

The interface is very intuitive and designed to make investigations as easy as possible. Users can export their findings for further use. Videmo 360 makes the officers' work considerably easier and reduces the time required for investigations to a minimum.

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