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27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022

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07 Sep 2021

Truckstopper 7 Anti-Terrorist Shallow Mount Bollard

SafetyFlex Barriers Stand: C50

Truckstopper 7 is available with bespoke finishes. With a foundation depth of just 200mm, Truckstopper 7 is one of the shallowest and easiest to install bollards available on the market, making installation extremely cost-effective. It has been crash tested to PAS68 at both a 90 degree and a 45 degree angle to stop a 7.5 tonne truck travelling at 40mph. This aesthetically pleasing, slimline solution is ideal for any scenario; ranging from public realm to military and defence applications. Our range of static and removable bollards are available in 30, 40, and 50mph options.

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