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27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022

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03 Sep 2021

The ASA Group is proud to be partnered with Pilgrims Risk Management Group

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The ASA Group is proud to be partnered with Pilgrims Risk Management Group providing its clients with aviation and security services throughout Asia and beyond.

ASA was first established in Manila in 1999 and has grown into a successful and respected organization with registered offices in six countries. We have gained a worldwide reputation for delivering the highest possible standard of tailor-made security, aviation, and travel management services to corporate, private, and government clients.

We consider ourselves to be Asian operations specialists and back this up through our core management team having over one hundred years of combined experience delivering high-end travel, security projects, and training courses throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Our air charters allow executives to divide more efficiently their limited time with their demanding schedules, whilst our corporate security expertise ensures smooth coordination on the ground. Thanks to our in-depth proficiency in ground handling and permits, the most challenging aviation regulations turn into manoeuvrable operations.

We provide a comprehensive range of services all of which can be used as stand-alone services or combined to make a streamlined operation of even the most complex project. Just some of the services we provide are Air Charter, Emergency and Medical Flights, Aircraft Ground Handling, Air Cargo, Security Consulting, Emergency/Crisis Management and Response, Executive Protection, Secure Transport, and Technical Surveillance Counter Measures.

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