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05 Mar 2021

Terra Lunar Bridge Bollard


Frontier Pitts is excited to introduce our shallowest bollard yet requiring foundations of just 75mm which resulted in zero penetration when tested to IWA 14 stopping 7.2t at 30mph. 

Bridges around the World are vital to our transportation network but have already been subjected to vehicle attacks by terrorists and users (cyclists and pedestrians) have become extremely vulnerable. Frontier Pitts have created a bollard bridge protection system that is able to sit within the bridge kerb structure utilising an ultra-shallow foundation of less than three inches.

The Terra Lunar Bridge Bollard system was impact tested to IWA 14 at Horiba MIRA. The system successfully stopped a 7.2t vehicle travelling at 30mph at a shallow attack angle of 30-degrees, resulting in minimal penetration.

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