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Spectrum 6040 P3D

VMI Security Stand: C31
  • Spectrum 6040 P3D
  • Spectrum 6040 P3D
Spectrum 6040 P3D Spectrum 6040 P3D

Increases the efficiency without changing the routine

The Spectrum 6040 P3D increases the efficiency of inspection procedures without changing the operating routine. Spectrum 6040 P3D was designed to meet the needs of control and security systems that require high image quality for detecting illicit, such as airports, prisons, railways, subways, stadiums, courts and parcel services.


Technical Differentials

  • 3D Perspective
  • WiFi compatibility
  • Automatic detection algorithm for drugs, explosives and high density materials
  • Integration with the Garrett metal detector portal
  • Integration between Spectrum equipment
  • Remote monitoring software
  • Suspicious image reanalysis software
  • ONVIF approved equipment
  • Video monitoring system integrated to the equipment
  • Linux operating system
  • Integration of data and images with Spectrum Bodyscan body inspection systems
  • Modern design with high durability LED indications
  • Robust and high durability operation keyboard
  • Interchangeable parts between all equipment in the Spectrum line, providing agility in maintenance
  • Real-time self-diagnosis system
  • Dual Mode Z-effective
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