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Selectamark Security Systems plc Stand: C13

COMMAND is the most secure communications platform in the tactical marketplace. It utilizes modified Samsung smartphones, as well as military friendly user interfaces and processes.

COMMAND is a force multiplier, allowing field agents in the theatre of operations to provide real-time intelligence to the decision makers, wherever they might be.

A platform built by tactical people for tactical people.



  • Unlimited communications that function globally
  • Group and individual-to-individual PTT calls, with additional emergency call functions
  • Unlimited groups and channels
  • Group, private, and voice message functionality
  • Comes with file and live photo sharing, ad hoc video, and remote camera access
  • Navigation for individuals and groups with GPS tracking and maps compatibility
  • Tracking for both groups and users
  • All messages GPS and time stamped, and are both encrypted and stored on-site to keep your data safe from attackers
  • Coordinate all your sites simultaneously from a single HQ, or separate sites from separate command centres
  • Management features allow HQ to directly oversee routines, workflow, daily and pre-defined tasks, ad hoc and DGNA tasks, as well as incidents, emergencies. Allows for easy reporting and communication of tasks.



  • 3G/4G/5G LTE compatible
  • Satellite connectivity certified. SelectaPTT has compatibility with all Satellite IPs (Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya, VSAT)
  • Wi-Fi, WiMAX compatible
  • Exclusive D2D Sleeve enabled
  • Private Base Station compatible


Security and Emergencies

  • Security for the company, safety for the worker.
  • 360 encryption
  • Voice and data security
  • On-premises installation
  • SelectaPTT is designed exclusively for Samsung devices, using Samsung SDS EMM, and secured by Samsung Knox
  • FIPS 140-2 certified
  • Emergency button, calls, and groups
  • Lone worker functionality and man down alerts for dangerous jobs
  • Map and Geofence alerts
  • Rule break alerts



  • Play back
  • Reports filtering
  • Comms history
  • Time- and GPS-tracked playback


Global, Private, and Secure: Your Own System, Your Own Network


COMMAND has successfully passed penetration tests and cyber-attacks carried out by a number of agencies around the world. Our smartphone devices offer the highest grade of security. It can resist any attacks, intruders, interceptors, and any threat, whether physical or electronic.

It offers biometrics authentication by using private on-premises appropriate servers, and the highest encryption security level including hardware encryption, and the use of multiple algorithms for numerous layers of security.

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