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10 Feb 2021

Security Testing

  • Security Testing
  • Security Testing
Security Testing Security Testing

We have a dedicated security testing department with dedicated Team Leaders whose sole role is the quality assurance of security through Covert Testing, Overt Testing, Penetration Testing and Red Teaming. To ensure the highest standards, we never use third party companies to provide resources for testing. Team Leaders have access to over 150 fully trained and highly experienced male and female Testers (in the UK alone).

We adhere to the CAA Covert Testing Code of Practice ensuring recruitment, training and delivery are to a minimum defined standard, however, our training goes beyond this standard to ensure that our clients are receiving the highest quality delivery across the industries within which we work including CNI.

Our services include:

  • Covert and Overt Testing also includes:
  • Covert Testing
  • Overt Testing
  • Operational assessments, through observation
  • Physical Penetration testing of security controlled areas
  • Hostile reconnaissance
  • Testing of CCTV staff awareness and response actions
  • Testing of perimeter fence security and response actions


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