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Security Overview

  • Security Overview
  • Security Overview
Security Overview Security Overview

Safeture’s Security Overview Module helps you:

  1. Handle all information by plotting alerts on the map and identify who is affected by an incident.
  2. Locate your employees or facilities and get a quick map overview.
  3. With the given information and location, you know who to target with the communication.
  4. Select people in a specific area that you mark with the Polygon tool and message everyone included.
  5. Get an understanding for the variating risk levels in the world with the Risk Map.

You can use the map to geofence communication if you want to send an SMS, email, or start a chat group with a certain group of employees or facilities in a certain area. Just use the polygon selection tool  to select the group and message everyone within that area. 

Another functionality worth mentioning is the important log, which shows data on everything from travel to communication for your organization incident feeds where you can customize your particular incident feed and also a list view of all your personnel.

You can easily filter the content displayed on the map so that it only shows information specifically relevant for you. Filter either your personnel, incidents or based on risk categories. 

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