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28 Mar 2021

Security and Risk Management Consultancy

Our specialists are carefully selected and qualified to ensure they have the regional and industry experience to provide you with comprehensive, tailored and effective solutions to your risk management challenges. We adhere to the principles of ISO 31000 and PAS 200 and adopt the Management of Risk concepts.

Why Securewest?

  • Discreet Global Risk Consultancy since 1987
  • Government, commercial, corporate clients
  • Bespoke solutions
  • Industry & regional experts
  • In accordance with ISO 31000 & PAS 200

Core Capabilities

Risk Management Review

Securewest conducts a full or partial review of your risk architecture, strategy and protocols to identify any shortfalls and work with you to rectify them and put the requisite plans/procedures in place. Our work is conducted in accordance with the Guidance in ISO 31000 and the principles of the Management of Risk to give you the confidence that you have an effective and comprehensive system in place to deal with the myriad of risks you might face.

Security Policy Design and Review

Central to any security system is the policy on which it is based but this vital element is often missing, incomplete or not understood by an organisation’s employees. Our experts will work with you to design or review your policy so that it is pragmatic, achievable and understood by your people. We can also regularly review your policy to ensure it remains fit for purpose, particularly post incident when changes might be required.

Travel Risk Management

Securewest supports you in aligning and adhering to PAS 3000:2016 Responsibilities of an organisation for occupational health, safety and security – Code of practice. We conduct an initial bench-marking exercise and in-depth gap assessment on your existing travel risk management strategy against leading practice. Based upon the findings, we work in partnership with you to ensure that as an organisation you are delivering duty-of-care for your travelling employees to industry best practice. This would include further development and support with the implementation of your travel security policies and procedures. If required, we can support with the delivery of appropriate medical and security assistance services by means of our SPHERE app and 24/7 Global Response Centre. Ultimately, we help you to demonstrate your commitment to your employees’ safety whilst travelling.

Security Design

From conception, our expert consultants provide detailed, high-level security design for a wide range of projects in the maritime and land environments, adopting a comprehensive approach to provide fully integrated security solutions. All designs will be based on a detailed threat assessment, taking into account your risk threshold, and will meet national and international regulatory requirements.

Security Plans

Securewest has extensive experience in the design and delivery of successful, comprehensive security plans in high-risk areas both on land and at sea. Our plans include physical and technical procedures and, if required, the utilisation and management of host nation forces, commercial security providers and corporate social responsibility programmes. Vitally, they will be designed by regional and in-country subject matter experts with real on-the-ground experience.

QHSSE Audits and Advisory

Our team has an extensive understanding of Quality, Health, Safety, Service and Environment (QHSSE) management systems, particularly in the oil & gas and shipping sectors and is able to draw on fully qualified lead auditors to provide a complete audit and advisory service in accordance with ISOs 9001, 28007 and, 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Security Audits

Regular and objective security audits are essential to protect people and assets. Securewest provides regional and sector experienced individuals and teams to objectively assess your security provision and confirm that it remains fit for purpose. Our regular, bespoke audit programmes deliver full reports and recommendations and, if required, we can support you to implement any changes. We also provide an independent post-incident review service.

Emergency Planning

Securewest helps reduce the risk to your business through detailed emergency planning to cater for a range of day-to-day disruptions to operational activities. We can assist you to plan for a wide range of eventualities, put in place comprehensive mitigation measures and train/exercise your personnel to respond appropriately.

Crisis Management

We work with you to develop the plans and actions to protect your people, reputation, brand, products and services. To ensure an effective response to the crisis, clearly defined areas of responsibility, sound plans and protocols will be established, tested and exercised.

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