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Secured Analyst Assistant

Analysts and investigators conducting web investigations are facing numerous challenges. Manually extracting critical insights from unstructured big data, browsing securely while organizing the findings as evidence is a tedious work.

The various manual methods and tools which are used for providing this secured environment and for the maintenance of compliant and efficient investigation process consumes excessive amount of time, dedicated for these challenging and vital tasks.

Our AI-powered web assistant addresses these challenges by enabling a safe browsing experience for a manual investigation while providing an automated, smart intelligence tools for the analyst’s disposal.

The solution leverages a secured isolation layer allowing a safe browsing environment while adding an additional security layer.

Automated AI insights will guide the researcher through their investigation while allowing a customized and controlled browsing environment to protect the researcher’s identity.


Our platform creates an encrypted isolation layer so you can browse the web risk-free and protect your digital assets.

It allows you to automatically manage mission-critical data in a controlled centralized environment.


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