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28 Jul 2021

RTT 110

  • RTT 110
  • RTT 110
  • RTT 110
RTT 110 RTT 110 RTT 110

RTT110’s innovate, stationary gantry means the system can be turned on and off instantly between bags providing significant power savings. With its modular design it is easy to upgrade the technology in the future saving 1000’s of dollars every year.

In addition to being the fastest, most advanced image capture, reconstruction and best 3D image, the RTT®110 provides class-leading low false alarm rates. Best image ensures alarms are being accurately resolved.

The RTT110 uses highly reliable and trusted components throughout the system, for example, the electron sources used by the RTT110 have been used for over 50 years in many different applications from televisions and monitors, to radar for the military, and are still in use today because of their efficiency and reliability.

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