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Rohde & Schwarz GmbH Stand: D30

 The R&S®QPS201 security scanner delivers high-precision and efficient security control while ensuring an unobtrusive and uncomplicated experience for scanned persons. It consists of a flat panel with thousands of transmitter antennas that emit extremely low-power millimeterwaves in very short succession and just as many receiver antennas that record high-resolution 3D information. Persons being scanned stand squarely between the panels as if facing a mirror, holding their arms slightly away from their bodies.The detection software uses artificial intelligence (AI) based algorithms to search for conspicuous objects of all material types. The scanner searches for anomalies indicating objects other than normal clothing, enabling it to discover unknown and new threats. The R&S®QPS is designed for implicit privacy. Rather than generating images, it evaluates physical information. Detected locations of interest are marked on a symbolic body graphic. The R&S®QPS poses no health hazard whatsoever. It operates on frequencies similar to those of a vehicle distance warning system. The transmitted power at the scanned person's location is almost undetectable and several orders of magnitude lower than mobile phone emissions.

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