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14 Jul 2023

PNT Series

Lantronix Stand: C43
  • PNT Series
  • PNT Series
PNT Series PNT Series

The PNT Series of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) multi-constellation receivers are self-contained certified modules for positioning, navigation and tracking applications. The PNT-SG3FS and PNT-SG4FM are footprint-compatible flash-based modules for single frequency and multi-frequency GNSS deployments respectively.


  • Consumer Solutions – Personal pet and individual locators, rugged navigation devices
  • Road Transportation and Automotive – Fleet management, search & rescue, road traffic management, tolling, insurance telemetrics, rent-a-scooter/bike management
  • Drones – UAVs
  • Maritime – Traffic management, tracking, asset management, automation
  • Emergency Response – Search and rescue, health monitoring, forensics
  • Rail – Traffic management, tracking, asset management
  • Agriculture and Nature – Precision farming, equipment automation, soil monitoring, forest management, virtual fencing, animal tracking, livestock trading
  • Geomatics and Scientific – Surveying, tracking
  • Critical Infrastructures, Utilities, Telecomm – Data and network synchronization, small cells, asset management, meter positioning and tracking, IoT remote monitoring, outage management, geo-planning, robotic automation
  • Military & Defense – Asset and personnel tracking, synchronization, handhelds
  • Industrial and Industrial IoT – Construction positioning, dock yards/shipping cargo tracking handhelds, forklift navigation, autonomous robotic vehicles, tunneling
  • Enterprise – Construction equipment, asset management (for example, vending machines), time logs, security systems, fleet management, delivery services, autonomous robots


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