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07 Sep 2021

Pilgrims opens new Middle East head office in Oman: Partnering with Al Safwa & Partners

Photo: Warith Al Kharusi BSc, FCILT
Founder & Chairman, Al Safwa & Partners;
Chairman-Oman Logistics Association;
Chairman-Oman Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport.

Talk with Pilgrims Middle East Head office: "Click-for-Delivery”
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The pandemic is accelerating new ways of working that began with climate change. Long-distance travel and ‘overseas postings’ reduce. Business and governments localise their profitability or flow of aid. Wealth and influence reside increasingly in regional staff, subsidiaries, and partners. 

‘Afghanistan 2021’ might be the biggest catalyst of all for regional change, with global outcomes, good or bad. Either way, security changes too. 

Regional travel replaces inter-continental. Recruitment, screening, and life-support done by international staff, moves to local staff doing it locally. Accountability, audit, and money management from the centre, moves to local hubs. Thus, the risks of corruption, coercion and threats against staff and suppliers increase, while the ability to manage them reduces. 

Security fills the gap. A turnkey security service that previously meant end-to-end security, now means Security’s traditional reach into communities, embassies, local government departments, and regional intelligence gathering, and recruitment of its own long-term staff, being applied to represent and protect its clients objectives in-country. 

Al Safwa have licensed us in Oman since 2012. Now, with Pilgrims global experience and Al Safwa’s regional influence in construction and energy, and expertise in logistics, supply chain and facility management, training, and communications, we have a powerful hub in the middle east, along with a superb training academy, ready to provide services to clients across the region. 

Oman’s good relationships in the region are well-known. Its ability to work productively with a variety of those governments, whether friendly or hostile among each other, makes it a logical choice for Pilgrims in our mission to serve our international clients.

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