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Pholio is a specialist detection and classification tool that allows users to create and tune classifiers on the fly. It allows for the ingestion of images, videos and live video streams and the user interface provides advanced search, discovery and notification tools for a range of vectors in near real time.


The Platform can automatically search for content that matches a built-in catalogue of over 20,000 well-known objects and scenes. Searches for unknown objects and scenes is also straightforward, using reference images provided by the user, or obtained “on-the-fly” from the Internet. The platform learns image by image; creating new classifiers dynamically as users search through your content.


The Pimloc platform has been trained on high variability and low quality images and videos. It has learned how to detect, classify and redact people, objects, and even scenes in images it has never seen before - with world-class accuracy and speed. It can be used as a tool for forensic search or deployed to automatically monitor video content and send alerts for specific activities when they are detected.

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