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04 Sep 2021

Pilgrims USA

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PEO STRI DoD Army TADSS Maintenance Program (ATMP) Support:

Pilgrims USA (PGUSA) supports the Army TADSS Maintenance Program (ATMP) as a contractor to Pulau. Pulau is the contractor supporting all of Lockheed Martin’s OCONUS task order work. PGUSA is responsible for travel to, from and within OCONUS locations including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Korea, Indonesia, Lebanon and Greece. 

Support of risk assessments, SPOT database entries, visa, sponsorship, local wages, base passes, permits, vehicles and housing are all components of the journey management service provided on this contract. PGUSA coordinates both with the client PMO, and the traveler, to ensure all necessary activities leading up to take off are conducted in a timely manner, with contingency plans to support in parallel should an activity be delayed. 

While stationed in the host nation, local current event briefings and risk assessments are conducted to ensure business continuity along with training for threat mitigation. Housing and amenities for sports, exercise, shopping, social and religious activities are all made available through In-Country PGUSA support teams.

PEO STRI DoD FMS Enterprise Training Support Contract (ETSC) Support:

ETSC provides training and training assistance in military and civilian-related fields to strengthen Warfighter skills required to successfully perform mission requirements and bolster US foreign relations and national security objectives; providing exercise development and support to Army and partner nations to ensure effective combat readiness in support of current and future operations; and providing Operations and Maintenance (O&M) support of training aids and ancillary equipment to ensure the long term effectiveness of Army and partner nation's military forces. 

Currently supporting three (3) separate Task Orders under two (2) separate clients within the ETSC overarching MAC IDIQ contract umbrella with a contract Lot for “Full and Open” competition for large businesses and a contract Lot for small business. 

Task Order for support of SMW TSS providing secure housing, armed transportation, multi-entry visa support within Afghanistan. 

Task Order for Instructor / Operator Labor and Life Support (housing, transportation, phones, data, visa, base passes, sponsorship, & local wages) within multiple countries to include UAE, KSA, Indonesia, Kuwait, Indonesia, & South Korea. 

Task Order for JCATS Labor (Operator/Controller and Database Developer providing on site and remote training support) plus Life Support (housing, transportation, phones, data, visa, base passes, sponsorship & local wages).

COMSEC work with GRS:

Global Resource Solutions (GRS) has been a Pilgrims USA (PGUSA) client since 2009. One of GRS’ core competencies is fieldling FSR’s with disciplines in the domain of COMSEC in support of US Government. GRS originally engaged PGUSA to provide support in Pakistan in multiple locations and performs this work to this day. 

PGUSA provides GRS secure housing, static security, levels of monitoring, journey management, and 24/7 guarding based in Islamabad. We provide continuous consultation and risk management through threat identification, risk mitigation and business continuity; we provide trained drivers, close protection officers, soft and armored vehicles, route planning, passive and active tracking, flight itinerary and ticket management, and VIP airport facilitation. 

Since this initial engagement, PGUSA has expanded its work with GRS into Jordan, Chile and Saudi Arabia, with upcoming operations UAE and Brazil. We manage a fleet of vehicles across all sites including self-drive and chauffeured vehicles, alongside sponsorship, entry and exit visas, flight itinerary, and airport facilitation.

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