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27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022

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07 Sep 2021

Oneline Springline 30/50 Anti-Terrorist Crash Fence

SafetyFlex Barriers Stand: C50

Oneline Springline 30/50 is the world's first all-in-one HVM super shallow fence foundation at just 400mm, designed to stop vehicle attacks from both sides. This product integrates an SR1 high-security fence, tested to stop intruder attacks to BRE LPS 1175 with our Springline system which has been tested to PAS68 & IWA-14 making this product one of the most secure fenceline systems on the market today.

Due to the unique design of Oneline Springline, it can be installed on uneven or undulating ground and will maintain cable heights from the ground as per the test specification. This product can also turn 45° and 90° on corners.

A unique feature in the design is that you can get access through the fence line and this will not compromise the security of the rest of the fence line. 

The Oneline Springline system is available in 30mph and 50mph options.

This crash tested fence system has been used on numerous high-security sites around the world.

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