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09 Dec 2020

Thermal Imaging: Body Temperature Measurment

Body Temperature Measurement Solutions

Our solutions range from portable, temporary deployments to fully installed permanent systems. These could be in the form of hand-held cameras your staff can use on an individual basis, or a system covering multiple entrances from one centralised location. Typical applications include health and social care, education, food retail, transportation, financial services, utilities, and other security check entrances for temporary control.

Hand Held System:

A Hand-held solution that your staff can use to test individuals at the entrances to your building or randomly around your premises.

Basic System:

A Basic system that can be deployed using a tripod and laptop and operated by staff at entrances. Upon detecting an individual with a high temperature, they can be diverted.

High Accuracy System:

A High accuracy system that includes a temperature calibration unit. The system is also suitable for use with multiple cameras situated around site entrances and exits with monitoring from a central location.

Fever Screening Metal Detecting Arch: 

An entry point solution, our fever screening, metal detection arches display body temperatures on screen, initiating an audible and visible alarm for abnormal measurements. Touchfree, fast screening, with an adjustable temperature threshold accurate to within +- 0.5C, all data is centrally managed.

Face Recognition Self Test Terminal:

Our fast and easy to set up facial recognition self-test terminals provide touch free, fast screening of building entrants. With accuracy within +-0.5C and detection range of 30C-45C, these terminals provide voice and display prompts for abnormal temperatures, face mask detection and alerts and centralised data management.

The basis of all of these systems is thermal imaging 

  • The same technology is used to detect human body temperature.
  • Using a single camera the accuracy is within + / – 0.5 degrees centigrade.
  • With a temperature calibration device in the field of view of the thermal camera, this accuracy is increased to + / – 0.3 degrees centigrade.
  • The temperature of someone suspected of having a fever is above 37.3 degrees.
  • Typically the camera is calibrated to raise the alarm when it detects a temperature of 37.8 degrees but the calibration can be lowered or raised if required.

Mitie have vast experience in the rapid deployment of systems and we can respond to your needs with whichever solution you require.

To speak to a representative about how we can help, contact the team on 0333 207 6606 – Option 5 or complete the enquiry form below.

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