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04 Jan 2021

Marine Lock

  • Marine Lock
  • Marine Lock
Marine Lock Marine Lock

The V4A polished stainless-steel M1212 Marine Lock is aesthetically pleasing and specifically designed to keep up appearances onboard superyachts. It delivers leading-edge electric locking technology for general security as well as rapid lockdown functionality from the helm.

Many prestigious vessels already deploy this high-end waterproof electric Marine Lock with remote locking as an effective anti-piracy measure for counter-intruder security.

The slim and unobtrusive profile features hermetic seals. Magnet Schultz’s Marine Lock can optionally incorporate special ‘anti-jacking’ actuator technology, which prevents intruders using force to overcome the locked state and gain access to the craft.

NEWS: Magnet Schultz is developing a new slimmer profile Marine Lock. It is currently in the design and test cycle. Contact Magnet Schultz Ltd for more details.

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