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24-25 SEPTEMBER 2024

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LabelLockTM Dual Layer Tamper Evident Security Tape

LabelLock Stand: C63

Because you can’t be there 24/7

Time, staffing and budget constraints all mean that it’s simply impossible to keep watch over your high value or important products and restricted areas at all times. That is where LabelLockTM tamper evident security tape comes in.

This exceptional tape automatically voids if opened or interfered with, clearly signalling a security breach. Once removed, the innovatively designed LabelLockTM Dual Layer security tape delaminates, leaving the totally transferred dry peel layer on the application surface, whilst the top layer comes away cleanly.

Maintaining peace of mind couldn’t be simpler or more cost effective.


Boxes, postage and packaging are easily and cost effectively sealed

Designed to deter and provide proof of unauthorised entry, this tape will show a clear ‘OPENED’ message if removed and has also been designed to resist chemical and temperature attacks.

LabelLockTM tamper evident security tape is supplied on a 50m roll and is simply used like normal packaging tape and can be applied using a tape gun or by hand to any box, shrink wrapped pallet or carton.

The LabelLockTM tamper evident security tape is supplied on continuous rolls and are uniquely numbered under the sub-surface and perforated every 150mm. The numbering prevents fraudulent replacement and allows each roll to be logged - we will know when it was made and who that roll was sent to.

The tamper message is created in a highly secure ‘in-register’ format which means it cannot be copied using standard void materials which have a ‘wallpaper’ style tamper message.

LabelLockTM tamper evident security tape is an extremely versatile, secure and highly cost-effective way of keeping a check on your property.

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