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Inner Range Stand: D80

Inception: access control for small businesses and single sites

An award-winning access control and integrated security system that requires no software and is easy to programme, test and commission; delivering real competitive advantage. Budget-friendly, it’s the ideal choice if you’re looking to secure a single building with up to 128 doors and want some extra functionality such as automating your lighting, heating and air conditioning; helping to save energy costs.

Inner Range has designed Inception to be the most user-friendly access control product on the market. It is common for users of traditional access systems to struggle with basic tasks such as administering users or changing access permissions due to the complexity of options offered and the technical terminology used.

Inception offers customers innovative features such as Guided tours and Dashboards to make the administration of an Inception system a breeze.

"Inception provides a “Guided Tour feature” that walks users through standard functions so they can be undertaken without training or any technical expertise."

Inception provides a Dashboard that can be populated with users’ common operations, and only displays system events and status messages that are relevant to the individual.

Buy direct from our website or instruct one of our accredited installers to manage the project on your behalf.

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