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Heras Connect

Do you want to ensure business continuity while maintaining an optimally secured perimeter? By monitoring your entrance, Heras Connect reduces the chance of a malfunctioning or unsafe access solution. This way you can be sure that your automatic sliding gate, barrier, speed gate or turnstile will always remain fully operational, functional and safe.

How does Heras Connect work?
Heras Connect creates a wireless connection between the hardware in your gate, barrier or turnstile and an online portal. Using sensors, the software monitors various vital parameters of the gate, such as open or closed position. It also tracks the status of safety components, including safety frames and photocells. The status of the entrances on your site can be viewed via the digital portal.

Because your automatic entrance solution is constantly monitored, Heras Connect signals potential problems or defects as soon as possible so problems can often be solved before they even occur. As a result, there is minimal disruption to business continuity.

What does Heras Connect provide you with?

With Heras Connect you have remote control over access to your site. Your gate, barrier or turnstile will automatically notify you when a sensor measures deviating values. Based on this, for example, maintenance appointments can be scheduled or adjusted. Heras Connect is how you take the step from reactive problem solving to proactive maintenance. You coordinate your maintenance with the use of your gate and you are sure that any defects will always be resolved quickly. As a result, your site remains optimally secured with minimum disruption to business continuity.

Heras Connect in the cloud

The digital portal makes it possible to control access and configuration of your port remotely. The software also records all events and error messages. These are available for the service team (and yourself) via the portal.

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