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03 Feb 2021

eq02+ LifeMonitor

  • eq02+ LifeMonitor
  • eq02+ LifeMonitor
eq02+ LifeMonitor eq02+ LifeMonitor

Multiparameter data

Monitoring of heart rate, breathing rate, skin temperature and position and motion with a combined wearable ECG and respiratory monitor, inbuilt medical-grade thermometer and tri-axis accelerometer.

Continuous data logging

Hot swap ancillary power packs ensure continuous vital sign monitoring, and an 8GB memory facilitates 50 days of continuous logging rich physiological data.

Third-party device integration

Our solutions offer seamless integration with industry-leading third-party devices including Nonin™ oxygen saturation probes and the VitalSense core temperature capsule and dermal patch.

Parameters include:

  • ECG, ECG waveforms, HR, R-R interval
  • Respiratory rate and respiratory waveforms
  • Skin temperature
  • Galvanic skin response*
  • Core temperature capsule/Dermal patch*
  • Accelerometer, X,Y,Z, Activity
  • Body position/Movement
  • Oxygen saturation*
  • Blood pressure*
  • * Measured using a compatible ancillary sensor

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