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28-29 SEPTEMBER 2021

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02 Jun 2021

Impact Tested Bollards: Shallow Foundation, Automatic & Fixed

ATG Access Stand: D70

Bollards are a great security solution for both public realm security as well as industrial applications. Pedestrian permeable, bollards can be designed to meet flexible aesthetic and operational requirements. They can even be disguised by integrating models with street furniture designs such as traffic light columns, benches, planters and even bus stops. This flexibility makes bollards a popular, physical security choice and helps to avoid a fortress design when having to implement security measures.

Fixed & Shallow Foundation Bollards:

Fixed and shallow foundation bollards provide pedestrian permeable security for urban and industrial sites. Shallow foundation bollards were originally designed to combat the problematic fitting of traditional depth bollards which require deep foundations and can cause inconvenience when exposing a range of services, prohibiting installation. 

While a traditional bollard has a long length of tube which is buried deep within the foundation, shallow foundation bollards are usually mounted on a plate or ‘biscuit’ which is then connected to other bollards. This means that shallow foundation bollards require just a fraction of the depth you would normally need. Our shallow foundation bollards having depth requirements ranging from 300mm to just 40mm at the shallowest. To put that in perspective, 40mm is shallower than the width of the average phone.

A wide range of diameters, security ratings and designs are available. All fixed and shallow foundation bollards can be fitted with an aesthetic sleeve which means that any design is possible. 

Automatic Bollards:

ATG Access is the UK's leading provider of impact tested automatic bollard security systems for HVM (hostile vehicle mitigation). Each automatic bollard system comes with a variety of options and has been designed with serviceability in mind. Our automatic rising security bollards have been crash tested to PAS 68, IWA 14-1 and ASTM standards. 

There are many applications for impact tested, automatic bollards. Whether you are looking to secure a vehicle access point or, to install automatic bollards to pedestrianise complete areas of public realm, ATG Access have a wide selection of systems to suit your requirements.

Systems are fully compliant with BS EN ISO 13849:2015, safety of machinery and have been installed within busy city centre locations for the last 15 years. 

Bollards range in security rating, the strongest being able to withstand a 30,000kg vehicle travelling at 80kph. 


ATG Access crash tested, fixed, automatic & shallow foundation bollards offer impact tested security for sites ranging from urban to industrial. Whatever the threat level, ATG has a suitable solution.

All of our security bollards have been designed and tested to major crash test standards including BSI PAS 68 & IWA 14-1. 

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