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10 May 2021

Crash Tested Bollards

  • Crash Tested Bollards
  • Crash Tested Bollards
  • Crash Tested Bollards
Crash Tested Bollards Crash Tested Bollards Crash Tested Bollards

Fixed HVM Bollards: are ideal for providing perimeter protection from vehicle borne threats whilst still maintaining pedestrian permeability. All our fixed high security bollards have been designed and tested to major crash test standards including BSI PAS 68 & IWA 14-1. Fixed bollards can be fitted with an aesthetic sleeve to suit the surrounding environment or, can be integrated with street furniture designs to blend into the street scene.

Automatic HVM Bollards: the perfect choice for vehicle entrance security and traffic management. As the UK’s leading provider, our automatic high security bollards are designed with serviceability in mind. We design and build all control systems in-house allowing us to create a product that meets client specifications. If there is an existing control system in place, our rising bollards can be integrated into it.

Shallow Mount HVM Bollards: an effective solution for areas where creating deep foundations would be problematic. The speed at which shallow mount HVM bollards can be installed reduces both civil installation costs and disruption to the area, making them a practical choice for creating perimeter protection in city centres. Excavation can be as little as 40 mm.

Manually Retractable & Lift-Out HVM Bollards: a cost effective alternative to automatic bollards. For use in areas where the traffic flow is limited but there is still a need for high security protection. Manually retractable high security bollards do not require electricity to raise or lower making them the perfect for securing remote sites where electricity is limited. Lift-out bollards require a simple lifting frame to allow access.


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