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09 Aug 2023


conducttr Stand: E140

Conducttr is a crisis exercise platform for a wide range of exercises from cyber security, risk & resilience, crisis management and intelligence

  • Conducttr simulates all cyber threats - confidentiality, integrity and accessibility - including ransomware, hacking, doxxing, DDoS and more. 
  • Synthetic Information Environment: Conducttr allows simulation of web sites, social media, information laundering, advocacy networks and more. 

  • Coordination and Collaboration: Conducttr allows rehearsal of approval chains, collaboration, diptels, intsums including integration with SECRET and ABOVE SECRET systems. Our Pulse COP provides real-time data on activity for immediate coaching and observation.

Clients include international corporations & consultancies, UK Joint Warfare, GCSP, UN Office on Counter Terrorism, Government of Jordan Counter Terrorism Police, and several US State Governments.

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