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26-27 SEPTEMBER 2023

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K4 Security Stand: D117

Here at K4, our officers are not just extremely well equipped at effectively handling confrontational situations, they are also articulate, pleasant and charming individuals! This is why we are a popular choice for hotels, restaurants, residential apartments and any other “front of house” security you may require. They are exceptional at making your guests and clients feel welcome and safe. You will feel reassured that our officers are fully aware they are representing your establishment and are there to enhance your reputation. This is why we train our officers to the highest standards when it comes to not only officer capabilities but an unrivalled level of customer service too.

 They will gladly provide: 

• Telephony duties 

• CCTV Monitoring 

• 24/7 Monitoring Access to your premises 

• A “meet and greet” service to your clients with a professional warmth   

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