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Safeture’s Communication Module helps you:


  1. Achieve high deliverability of your messages despite poor mobile coverage, thanks to our advanced, multichannel routing.
  2. Mass-communicate to individuals, groups, facilities or people at a specific location.
  3. Save time by using our pre-written templates for your communication or customize them yourself.
  4. Enable two-way communication, where employees can report if they are OK and message you back.
  5. Customize your alerts when desired. 
  6. Stay informed about if the message has been received and read.
  • Multichannel Routing

You can choose to send your message via E-mail, SMS or Chat.  This provides great flexibility and enables communication regardless of your internet connection. 

  • E-mail
  • SMS
  • Chat


  • High Deliverability

The Safeture Platform has a very flexible routing engine for sending  messages. 

What does that mean in practice?

So, if a message fails to deliver, it will automatically try different to send it via another route or with another phone operator, resulting in much greater odds of delivery.

  • Emergency Button

In case of an emergency, with one push on the emergency button, you can communicate for assistance.

  • Check-in button

Check-in button in the app which sends an up-to-date location to the system with respect to thier privacy settings. 

  • Two-way communication

For Medium and High-Risk alerts, the employee can quickly communicate back if they are ok or not. 

Also, a chat between admins and employees can easily be initiated. 

  • Custom Alerts

Another way for Admins to communicate a message or info about an incident is via Custom Alerts.

In the Admin Portal you can easily publish customized alerts including a title, category, severity degree, customized text and advice on how to act to a targeted group or location. 

You can also integrate to a  third-party content provider and incorporate their own alerts. 


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