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04 Jun 2022

Audax Docking Stations

Audax Global Solutions Stand: B11
  • Audax Docking Stations
  • Audax Docking Stations
  • Audax Docking Stations
Audax Docking Stations Audax Docking Stations Audax Docking Stations

The Audax Docking Stations are designed to provide a simple agile solution for those customers faced with poor or unreliable data transfer upload speeds. We now provide all of our software (CamManager, AgentDEMS etc) pre-installed within the docking station and thus provide a “sandboxed”, “switch on and go”, “out of the box” secure solution with a secure 120GB internal SSD already installed too. Fully scalable this solution can cater for smaller standalone sites through to enterprise cloud requirements.

With a licensed Windows PC hosting all the software, the PC Docking Station can charge and transfer data from 4 x cameras, and by adding further Extension docking stations (in blocks of 4), up to a total of 20 cameras at once and has a powerful transformer built-in so each camera charges at 5V / 2 amps to fully charge your cameras in less than 4 hours.

Save time by connecting 1 USB cable to the docking station and transferring all footage to one PC or external hard drive / local server / Cloud as you choose.

When transferring videos, the included files have their own unique device ID, Camera ID, Location, log files, and video/photo files organized into folders, so you can easily find the evidence you need.

All Software is included in the purchase Price and expensive annual licences are not required. Storage beyond the pre-installed secure 120GB internal SSD is the customer’s choice.

Audax Software provided alongside our hardware with No annual licence fees. Providing situational awareness, live video and asset tracking and enabling faster decision making.

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