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27-28 SEPTEMBER 2022

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06 Sep 2021

Attack Resistant Composite (ARC)

ASL Stand: B92

ARC (Attack Resistant Composite) is a structural composite designed to absorb impact from projectiles. ASL GRP’s ARC has been designed by our specialist team to suit a variety of different applications.

Attack Resistant Composite is manufactured from a high-strength woven yarn, highly consolidated with a fire- retardant resin system. ARC is designed to protect both the occupants and the exterior of the vehicle in a riot or hostile situation. All mouldings are produced in a smooth gel coat finish providing “like for like” vehicle detailing. Panels are on average 5mm thick and structurally bonded to the vehicle.

  • Shot-gun resistant
  • Class A fire retardant – ideal protection from petrol bombs
  • Panels can be manufactured colour specific to the customer’s requirements
  • Direct replacements for original wings and bonnets and over clad system for doors, side panels and roofs
  • Lightweight (6kg per m2)

We can supply tailor-made ballistic glass to fit your required vehicle.

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