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10 May 2021

Asset Protection

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Asset Protection Asset Protection Asset Protection

Whatever the threat you are trying to mitigate and the type of asset/area that you are trying to protect, our certified physical security products can provide third-party accredited security.

Access Doors: Our innovative range of certificated high security doors is designed and manufactured to fit the exact structural opening and security specification required. Models can be selected to provide key assets with the required Security Level protection against malicious vandalism, theft, extortion, contamination or terrorism. LPCB approved UltraSecure and Sentinel UltraSecure Security Doors are certificated to LPS 1175, Security Levels 3, 4 and 5. Fire doors are certificated to LPS 1056, with a fire rating of up to 4 hours based upon BS 476, Part 22 (note that to conform, these doors must have 3-point locking and smoke seal). Fire doors are also certificated to LPS 117 Security Levels 3 and 4.

All doors can be provided with special door closures, blanking plates above doors, vision panels and/or louvre vents if required.

Enclosures: From small cabinets to walk-in kiosks. Our UltraSecure Security Enclosures include enclosures certificated to LPS 1175, issue 8 LPCB Security Rating Levels 2, 3 and 4. Technocover Level 5 composite anti-terrorist enclosures are also available. UltraSecure cabinets and kiosks are designed and manufactured to protect and prevent unauthorised access, protecting hazardous materials, essential plant and equipment, and Critical National Infrastructure sites against all levels of malicious vandalism, theft, extortion, contamination or terrorism.

Supplied fully assembled, subject to site survey, or as modular units, Technocover security enclosures can be supplied fully fitted-out as specified. Alternatively, they can be supplied as flat-pack systems for site assembly.

Outward opening access doors on all enclosures are configured to meet individual site security requirements with each access points having heavy-duty hinges and safety stays. Various accessories are available to suit operational needs including louvre vents and UltraSecure roof access points.

Bar Sets & Louvres: Keeping intruders out. When your critical assets are housed within buildings, windows and air vents are obvious potential points of entry for unauthorised intruders. Keep them at bay with our UltraSecure bar sets and louvre vents.

Technocover design and manufacture UltraSecure Level 3 and 4 bar sets, which provide an excellent deterrent against forced entry attacks to windows, while Ultrasecure Level 5 louvre vent systems provide free air flow into buildings while keeping intruders out.

LPCB certificated to LPS 1175, all units are galvanised after manufacture to BS EN ISO 1461 as standard.


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