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28-29 SEPTEMBER 2021

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08 Apr 2021


JLC Group Ltd Stand: F53

The Airbar-Q unit has multiple scale-able features allowing each individual scenario to be catered for through the various standard and optional features.

The product has been designed to connect with many different hardware and software applications including people counting, queue management applications and remote control triggers. This offers maximum flexibility for many different applications for our barrier system from controlling occupancy levels during the COVID-19 pandemic to increasing passenger journey efficiency within an Airport. It is unique in its ability to control zoned areas within an environment which is particularly useful in retail applications.

The Airbar barrier itself is a flexible material, ensuring there is no risk of harm to customers whilst creating a visible and physical barrier with customisable messages / logos and advertisements.

  • Customer counting occupancy monitoring through automated Infrared or Camera technology
  • Wireless receiver for scale-able solutions
  • Easy swap Airbar system
  • Green and Red Light feature on both sides of post
  • Crowd barrier attachments (belt & metal barriers)
  • Wheeled system for easy charging and storage
  • 12V battery system for full charge life of 30+ hours
  • Battery level meter to monitor system charge

Airbar-Q has been specifically created to enable efficient and controlled queuing systems allowing higher efficiency, enabling cost saving and revenue generating solutions, forming a key component within your customer’s journey through spaces like airports and retail environments.

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