If you suspect scam, please forward to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Organisations such as FairGuide.com/Construct Data Verlag, Expo Guide (Mexico) and Event Fair target companies through legitimate exhibition guides.

They claim to offer online listing services. They use a form which resembles an organiser’s free catalogue listing service, inviting exhibitors to complete the form for an entry in an on-line directory. Above the form they print our exhibition name in big letters for example NINETEEN GROUP LTD or INTERNATIONAL SECURITY EXPO, leading a lot of people to think it is a company with whom we work with. WE DO NOT.

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It is, however, not just directories. We have been informed that exhibitors have also been targeted by email from companies claiming to sell show data.

Eg: Delegates list and attendees list.

We would like to clarify that we do not sell data therefore it is impossible a company or individual to acquire it.

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We strongly advise our exhibitors, and the entire exhibition community, to be most vigilant against this and similar organisations.

These companies have no connection to Nineteen Group, Security Exhibitions Ltd, Risk Exhibitions Ltd, International Security Expo, International Disaster Response Expo or any of our events.

Additional Information on Fairguide.com

Their activities cover companies throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Unsuspecting exhibitors who sign and return the catalogue form are then contracted into a non-retractable agreement, which cost a significant amount of money, with no foreseeable benefits.

In the small lines below the form is mentioned that the cost are €1,271 per year, for the duration of 3 years. Unfortunately a lot of people do not see this and sign the contract.

Please note: Company names at the bottom of the form Financial: Finad Company LDA and Published by Mulpor Company SRL, these companies have no connection to Nineteen Events or any of our events.

Included in their group is debt collection agency Gravis Inkasso Gmbh and Swiss debt collection agency Premium Recovery AG (a Construct Data subsidiary) which works in partnership with the various guides to intimidate exhibitors into paying again these companies have no connection to Nineteen Group or any of our events

Additional information on the Expo Guide, FairGuide and other Construct Data Verlag publications is available on the Association of Event Organiser's website.

Official Accommodation supplier

Please note our official accommodation supplier is Event Express. If you are contacted by any other hotel agencies, who claim to be our official agent, this is not the case and could be a scam.