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CrisisCast will be delivering one of their highly engaging and informative live exercises for the Immersive Feature at International Security Expo 2019. Focus112 products will form the crucial backbone of a UK cyber forensic investigation conducted in real time highlighting the benefits of the best the UK has to offer in digital forensic tools. Plus the vanguard of the UK’s digital forensic tools from companies including Cyan Forensic and Telesoft.  

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Visitors will witness and become directly involved in the complex detail of cybercrime, be apart of the journey from the initial alert through to the final arrest:

  • Build a case in a time-critical environment
  • Understand the complexities of a digital forensic investigation
  • Witness the cooperation of transnational agencies
  • Uncover the hidden nature of cybercrime
  • Trace back to the bigger organised criminal entities 

With cyber at the forefront of this years’ immersive demonstrator, CrisisCast are delivering a series of highly engaging and informative live Exercises. Accompany the SIO of a digital forensic investigation through a live real-time cat-and-mouse cyber chase and track down the key players in a significant Organised Crime Syndicate before they can erase their tracks. Discover the UK’s most up to date digital forensic track and trace tools, giving the investigatory powers that crucial edge.