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Plus the vanguard of the UK’s digital forensic tools from companies including Cyan Forensic and Telesoft.  

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CrisisCast will be delivering one of their highly engaging and informative live exercises in an Immersive Feature at International Security Expo 2019. 

Focus112 products will form the crucial backbone of a UK cyber forensic investigation conducted in real time highlighting the benefits of the best the UK has to offer in digital forensic tools.

Visitors will witness and become directly involved in the complex detail of cybercrime, be part of the journey from the initial alert through to the final arrest. 

Accompany the SIO of a digital forensic investigation through a live realtime cat-and-mouse cyber chase and track down the key players in a significant Organised Crime Syndicate before they can erase their tracks. 


  • Introduction to the ‘hacker’ and his activity seen on screen

  • SIO requests search warrant – with initial refusal until Magistrate has sight of the evidence

  • House search featuring webcam’ and body worn video footage of the raid

  • Forensics search with device scans revealing logs from a radical chat room and imagery of firearms

  • The SIO liaising with the regional counter terrorism unit about next steps

  • Regional Organised Crime Unit involved in investigation

  • Cell phone tracking and monitoring undertaken of suspect

  • ‘Live’ audio of firearms unit arresting suspect

 Sessions will run on the hour from 10:00 -16:00 both days.

About our sponsors & the products featured during this demonstrator:

Focus 112


  • · Focus112 CSP captures raw data from Cell Phone companies- Call Record Data, Internet Connection Records, location information and top-up details.
  • · Focus 112 telephony events analysis software
  • · Focus112 5G mapping shows cell site locations of calls - suspect can be tracked in near real time
  • · Focus112 LEA – (Law Enforcement Agency) Warrants and subpoenas - legal demands can be accepted and processed online- rapid evidence for warrants. Vital minutes are saved in operational situations.

CYAN FORENSICS’ Cyan Examiner is a rapid digital forensics triage tool used to scan devices.  It uses a new scanning technique that quickly identifies which devices contain relevant information. One of the key benefits of the Cyan Examiner is the speed of process with on-site triage meaning the process can be completed in seconds or minutes, rather than hours - up to 100 times faster than previous equivalent tools. The Cyan Examiner is of significant use in time-critical situations, against a custody window (CSE), or potential of a second attack (CT). It is fast but also thorough - further key benefits include the ability to find deleted files, partial file fragments, the remains of deleted files and detects encryption.

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Telesoft Technologies is a cutting edge provider of managed and professional services with products for networks including bespoke hardware and software solutions, project delivery and data analytics capability.  With over 30 years’ experience, working with governments and communication service providers globally, Telesoft offer a wide range of capability within both cyber security and internet enabled investigations including ICR and IPAR, data science, network security and cyber, testing and cyber warfare simulation, emerging and future network technologies.